13.05.2024 10:35

Environmentally Friendly Packaging: Sustainable Solutions through Ultrasonic Sealing

Sustainability - more than just a trend. The demand for more environmentally friendly packaging made from mono-materials is constantly increasing. However, their production poses new challenges for the packaging industry. The lower melting point of such materials often leads to adhesion of films to sealing tools or curling issues. The solution is using ultrasonic sealing technology.

Ultrasonic sealing is particularly suitable for the sensitive process of sealing spouts into pouches. That's why Wipf AG has embraced this challenge and acquired a machine capable of welding spouts into mono-material laminates.

Based on this expertise, Wipf has invested in a new ultrasonic sealing line capable of processing a wide variety of materials: laminates with and without aluminum, as well as mono-material laminates. The ultrasonic spout sealing line features an integrated rail system, simplifying the handling of pouches with spouts and ensuring a more efficient filling process.

Sustainability and cost-effectiveness go perfectly together - especially with the „Innovative Packaging Solutions“ from Wipf AG.

More information here: Ultrasonic sealing for environmentally friendly packaging Ultrasonic Sealing for Environmentally Friendly Packaging

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