Laminates for bag on valve system

Bag on Valve System

The BoV system combines a hygienically clean aluminium pouch with a sealed valve inside a pressurized spray can. The barrier properties of the three- and four-ply POLIALUVEL® laminates protect the product against the ingress of light, oxygen, and water vapour. They fulfil the strictest hygiene requirements and assure high safety standards as regards the protection of the chemical and aggressive products. The laminates are suitable for low- and high-viscosity products.

Safety and ecological advantages

• Use of ecologically sound propellants (compressed air or nitrogen)
• Product does not react to air

Consumer advantages

• Product is consumed almost totally
• No pumping action required
• Spraying is possible in any orientation
• Uniform spraying for optimized coverage

Product and distribution advantages

• Efficient filling process
• Suitable for high- and low-viscosity products
• Compatible with standard spray heads and spray cans