Multichannel marketing campaigns

Multichannel marketing campaigns

Often, the packaging is the first aspect of a product that is seen and perceived by the customer. Accordingly,
it has a decisive influence on purchasing decisions. But how can the success of packaging
be measured in detail? This is possible only with systematic data tracking and analysis instruments as
well as with digitally printed packaging.

Measure the success of your packaging with a multichannel direct marketing campaign. In real time, you can see where and which products were sold. But you can also measure the purchasing habits of consumers by region, country, or city. The analysis software compiles all the campaign data online. You can access the results at any time. The software helps you strategically plan your next marketing steps. It is unique in the market and allows you to react to all trends. To make such a campaign measurable, you need an individualized QR code.

Benefit from multichannel marketing campaigns for packaging. Boost the Response of your packaging and develop your next campaign with us!

Here’s how it works:

Design a campaign (product launch, promotion, sweepstakes, game, video, etc.) for your product on ist packaging (ID).


Consumers register the QR code and use the campaign’s digital data.


This creates a link to the software. You access the relevant consumer data of your campaign online.


Package Media software

The Package Media software is a user-friendly information system that makes it easy to evaluate the sales success of packaging.