The one-way pressure-relief valve for long-term freshness protection

A wide variety of foods, including coffee and fresh sauerkraut, generate gases inside their packaging. This is where our WICOVALVE® one-way valve, developed in-house by Wipf, literally provides relief. It lets the gases escape but prevents oxygen to enter into the packaging.

Double-compartment system

Thanks to the novel double-compartment system and the transparent barrier, two different products can be tightly packaged in one pouch. The new packaging, consisting of an aluminium-free POLIVEL® laminate, has tear notches as an easy-opening feature.


Geometrically optimized stand-up pouch

Thanks to the optimized geometry of the Pet Food stand-up pouch (100g content), display cartons can now accommodate 24 instead of 22 pouches, which saves space in warehousing, in transit, and on the retail shelf. The Pet Food stand-up pouch won the prize in the "resource efficiency" category of the AluFoil Trophy 2010. 

Laminates made of biologically renewable materials

We can offer laminates with up to 96% biomaterial content depending on barrier requirements. In addition to traditional wood-based materials, herbal starches such as potato and corn are now also being used to manufacture packaging. The laminates are suitable for dry or humid goods in the Food, Pet Food and Non-Food segments.