Packaging technology for food

  • Packaging for wet and dry products.
  • Ecological and economical in production and across entire lifecycle.
  • Durability without flavour and quality losses.
  • User-friendliness with starter notches, ziplock closures, etc.
  • Compliance with strict hygiene standards in production, handling, and storage of pouches or rollstock.
  • Appealing presentation at the point of sale.

Packaging development for pet food

  • Packaging solutions for sensitive pet noses.
  • Resource-efficient use of different materials.
  • Logistics advantages due to optimized pouch geometry.
  • Use of retortable aluminium laminates.
  • Attractive convenience features for simplified opening and resealing.
  • All products are also availabe as rollstock.

Packaging in the non-food segment

  • Packaging for cleaning, cosmetic, hygiene, construction, and agrochemical products.
  • Benchmark safety standards for the protection of chemical products.
  • Excellent user-friendliness and packaging convenience.
  • Broad spectrum of laminates (such as aluminium laminates, Easy-Peel composites).
  • Special laminates solutions for heavy-duty packaging.
  • Rollstock and prefabricated pouches.

Products for pharmaceuticals

  • Hygiene safety standard to BRC/IOP as well as GMP.
  • Traceability – safety and reliability.
  • In-house manufacturing – fast and competitive.
  • Employee responsibility - competent and customer-oriented.


WICOVALVE® - our innovation

  • Innovative packaging solutions for added convenience
  • The ultimate in hygiene, protection, and shelf life performance
  • Reliance on premium-quality materials
  • WICOVALVE® - the small valve with the big effect and a three-year warranty