Optimally packaged with our prefabricated pouches

In the past years, the demand for convenience products has grown significantly, both in commercial and household environments; consumers expect extended shelf lives without any loss of flavour and quality. To cover the growing demand for products of this type, we produce a variety of side-sealed, stand-up, five-seam, or gusset bags in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Depending on customer needs, various convenience features will be integrated: laser perforation, ziplock closure, tear notch, Easy-Peel, spouts, or valves.

Pouchmaking machinery

A total of 10 pouch machines are in service on a floor area of 1000 m2. Up to 700 million pouches are produced per year.
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WICOSEAL® pouch range

Wipf AG produces side-sealed, stand-up, five-seam and gusset bags in different shapes and formats.
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Convenience features

Depending on requirements, the packaging is enhanced with laser perforation, starter notches, aso.
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