Packaging for the food segment – for the ultimate flavour experience

Packaging for food challenges our ingenuity. Foods are highly sensitive products that challenge our committment to optimized packaging day after day, always in an ongoing dialogue with our customers.

Wet goods such as sauerkraut, soups, sauces or hash browns require extremely high durability to withstand hot filling with subsequent pasteurization or retorting. 

Good laminate adhesion, odourlessness, and strict hygiene standards are key factors in the food sector, but the development of optimized packaging must also focus on presentation as well as protection during handling and storage.

Corn on the cob in sterile packaging for a longer shelf life

Since the spring of 2014, Agrícola Nova S.A., the innovative company based in Chile, has been marketing corn on the cob in a retortable POLIVEL® stand-up pouch under the well-known Agrinova brand. Because the pouch is heated at 800 W directly in the microwave oven, we recommended a POLIVEL® laminate. It is a premium laminate that is suitable for applications of this Kind.

New stand-up pouch for mango project in Kenya

The mango project was launched in early 2015, and Wipf AG assisted Azuri Health Ltd in the graphic design and production of new stand-up pouches for dehydrated mango slices. The modern packaging was printed on a digital press and features starter notches, laser perforation, and a see-through window. A 2-ply POLIVEL® laminate was chosen to provide maximum product protection. This laminate assures consistent long-term quality and protects the dried mango pieces against aroma loss, moisture, and extrinsic odours.

Capsule systems – the success story continues

Capsules for coffee, tea, and formula milk for infants are a growing market. To get the best result in each case, the interaction of parameters like water temperature, water volume, and pressure must be perfectly orchestrated. In most systems, the capsule lidding film is a two- or three-ply transparent POLIVEL® laminate with a high-barrier function that is ultrasonically welded onto the capsule body to form an air-tight seal. Our development department tested the cover film with different approaches over a period of several years to make sure it could reliably withstand the stresses involved in the preparation process.

Functional packaging for organic fruit sauces

Apiflor, a small French company, commissioned Wipf AG to produce four different aluminium-free stand-up pouches for “Coulis”, its exquisite organic fruit purées. The stand-up pouch with a capacity of 200 grammes is based on a three-ply retortable POLIVEL® laminate printed on a gravure press. To simplify handling, our pouch engineers endowed the packaging with a spout that has a twist-off cap. This feature makes it easy to dispense the product without spillage and the pouch can be tightly resealed at any time. The integrated window makes the packaging an eye-catcher on any retail shelf.Top-tier printing quality combined with excellent barrier properties and highly appreciated convenience features guarantee that the fruit coulis products retain their superb flavour for an extended period of time.

Digitally printed small portion packs

The individual portion packs with a capacity of 20 ml are fabricated from a resistant POLIALUVEL® Agress laminate. It is a composite that offers optimized protection even for particularly aggressive products.

To quickly achieve an attention-getting design result, the portion packs were printed on a digital press. Digital printing is a flexible process perfectly suited to short runs with many different variations.