About us

Packaging is our passion

Wipf Doypak is established in 2013 as a subsidiary of the independent Swiss company Wipf AG in Istanbul and develops high-quality packaging solutions for Food, Pet Food, Medical and Non Food products. The challenging expectations of the customers inspire our innovative spirit: in packaging, we unite functionality, aesthetics, and convenience.

Whatever we do, someone always personally stands behind it on behalf of the Company. Our success in business is based on fundamental qualities such as a spirit of innovation, reliability, dedication to our customers, teamwork, social responsibility and sustainability.

Wipf AG develops and produces high-barrier packaging films and pouches for the food, pharma and non-Food industries. Wipf AG employs 200 persons and is one of Europe's leading packaging manufacturers. In 2014, the solidly established company celebrated its 100th anniversary.

The manageable size of our business, a competent development division, and modern infrastructure assets in laboratory, production, and logistics allow us to develop innovative and flexible problem-solving approaches for varying requirements and to successfully live up to our mission: "Innovative Packaging Solutions".