Apart from the flexibility needed to address customer expectations, Wipf AG can leverage its spirit of innovation in laminate technologies and processes. Discover the latest debuts produced in-house.

Digital printing

With digital printing, you can swiftly implement marketing and promotional activities tailored to your target groups, even in very short runs. A cost-effective production due to digital Primary stage with short set-up time is guaranteed.
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Multichannel marketing campaigns

Measure the success of your packaging with a multichannel direct marketing campaign. In real time, you can see where and which products were sold. But you can also measure the purchasing habits of consumers by region, country, or city.
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WICOFLEXCAN® has been invented to offer a three-dimensional packaging instead of using a can. Taking the environment into consideration, you will notice the reduction of transportation costs and space needed to distribute your product.

Laminates BOV system

Bag on valve (BoV) is a popular and proven packaging technology with advantages that have defined the benchmark in the cosmetics industry, mainly for shaving foams and creams. But the food industry has begun to rely on the same system as well.
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Bio valve W606E

The WICOVALVE® W606E was developed especially for the coffee industry and can be composted pursuant to industrial standard EN 13432 in combination with biodegradable laminates.
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Climate-neutral packaging

We have been committed to climate protection together with the myclimate environmental organization since early 2012. Effective immediately, you have the option to offset the emissions generated in the production of your packaging.
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