WICOVALVE® - The one-way pressure-relief valve for long-term freshness protection

A wide variety of foods, including coffee and fresh sauerkraut, generate gases inside their packaging. This is where our WICOVALVE® one-way valve, developed in-house by Wipf, literally provides relief. It lets the gases escape but prevents oxygen to enter into the packaging. This functionality makes a decisive contribution to the optimized protection of the product.

Our WICOVALVE® technology can be deployed for many different product applications. The valves are exceptionally rugged; with respect to consistent integrity and functionality, they are guaranteed for a period of three years.

Bio valve for coffee packaging

Wipf AG launches the world's first biocompostible valve. The WICOVALVE® W606E was developed especially for the coffee industry and can be composted pursuant to industrial standard EN 13432 in combination with biodegradable laminates. This innovation is yet another milestone introduced in the centennial year of Wipf AG.

Innovative packaging solutions for convenience products

Pipasa has complemented its portfolio with the new “Pipasa easy” product line for microwave ovens. To make them microwaveable, the chicken parts are packaged in stand-up pouches It is made of a POLIVEL® laminate that protects the contents against aroma loss and extrinsic odours. The integrated WICOVALVE® regulates the overpressure of the steam while the package is being microwaved.

Coffee packaging stirs emotions

LOBODIS developed a novel design concept for its 250-gram coffee packs. The exquisite coffee varieties are packaged in a three-ply peelable POLIALUVEL® laminate. The film, specially developed by Wipf, assures optimum protection of the ground coffee against aroma loss, oxidation, dehydration, and extrinsic odours. The integrated WICOVALVE® aroma-protection/pressure-relief valve provides additional protection. It allows the gas generated by the coffee to escape from the packaging but prevents oxygen ingress.