Little valve, big effect

Our proprietary WICOVALVE® aroma-protection/pressure-relief was originally designed for coffee. During the past years, this valve technology has been refined and modified for many new applications. It allows fresh foods such as doughs, soy products, cheeses, mushrooms or microwavable meals to be marketed in consumer-friendly packaging yet in full compliance with the requirements of modern logistics. WICOVALVE® pressure-relief valves are available with different material combinations, response pressure levels, flow volumes, and particle filters to meet the needs of the application.

Functional principle

WICOVALVE® valves are applied with heat or ultrasound. Automatic sealing takes place during the packaging process on form, fill, and seal equipment. However, we also supply prefabricated stand-up pouches and gusset bags with integrated valves.
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The WICOVALVE® technology can be used in the following domains: Coffee, sauerkraut/raw produce, yeast dough/pizza dough, Dream Steam®, pasteurization and pellet/jumbo pouches.
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We are determined to consistently work at the highest quality levels; the successful audit to ISO 22000:2005 constitutes another milestone in the history of our company.
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