Little valve, big effect

Our WICOVALVE® technology can be deployed for many different product applications. The valves are exceptionally rugged; with respect to consistent integrity and functionality, they are guaranteed for a period of three years.

Range of applications

The CO2 generated by freshly roasted coffee beans must be allowed to escape from the packaging without letting oxygen or water vapour enter. This function is handled by the WICOVALVE®.

Sauerkraut and other raw products
Unless thermally treated, raw sauerkraut will ferment in the packaging. The gases generated in this process are reliably evacuated with the WICOVALVE®.

Leavened dough
Fresh leavened dough remains active inside the packaging. The WICOVALVE® that was developed explicitly for this application also allows the gases to escape, safeguarding the integrity of the packaging.

The steamer for the microwave oven
The patented Dream Steam System allows complete meals in portion trays or pouches to be prepared quickly and conveniently in the microwave oven. The WICOVALVE® integrated in the system assures freshness protection.