Optimally packaged with our laminate and WICOSEAL® pouch range

Today, customers place great emphasis on the user-friendliness of packaging. Wipf AG's lineup of laminates and pouches addresses this need. We offer a multitude of pouches and high-quality laminates. Depending on the customer's application, they can be enhanced with various convenience features, product declaration elements, or refined printing finishes.

High-end laminate range

We offer a broad range of laminates for different segments. Depending on the product, various laminates can be combined.
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WICOSEAL® pouch range

Every year, with 10 pouch machines, Wipf AG produces up to 700 million side-sealed, stand-up, five-seam or gusset bags in many different shapes and formats.
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Convenience features

Depending on requirements, the packaging is enhanced with laser perforation, starter notches, easy-peel openings, zippers, valves, or integrated spouts.
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